WP3D Models Version 2.0 – Available Now

Today, after several months of thinking and gathering ideas, and several more months of programming and troubleshooting, we’re releasing WP3D Models v2.0.

In this major release, we focused our efforts on providing you, the Matterport Pro, with dozens of new ways to promote your hard work.

WP3D Models v2.0 Features

Since launching WP3D Models in May 2015, the number one feature request was for “better branding options”.  WP3D v.2 now offers several different options to promote your (agency/photography) company’s branding, your client’s branding, or both.  You can now upload and globally save your company branding in two different logo sizes.  The “small” logo will be used when space is limited, and the “large” when there’s extra space.  Once added, these logos can be applied to various model “views” and will be automatically removed when viewed in the “no brand” (MLS compliant) setting.  Additionally, unique agent/company logos can be added to specific models and model “views”.  WP3D Models allows for complete branding customization for you and your scanning clients. More on “branding” below.

WP3D “Intro”
Related to “branding”, we’ve introduced a really exciting new way to publish your models.  In addition to the traditional <iframe> embed, we’ve added something called an “WP3D Intro”. If selected, your published model will not automatically load the model content (speeding up page load times) and will be replaced with your model’s cover image, your (optional) logo, a large “play” button, and a (optional) “intro statement”.  All logos/text can be customized and is visible until a user clicks on the button.  At that point, the “Intro” fades away and the Matterport model loads in its place.  This functionality is available on ALL model views (even ‘no brand’) as well as all “embedded” views.  You can even elect to keep a small version of your logo visible in the lower-left corner of the “live” model.

Single Page Websites & “Skinned” View
We’re constantly looking for ways to help our customers (you) with new ways to upsell your photo/scanning services.  Our new “skinned” view ( Example ) is something we’re really proud to unveil.  Now, every model you enter into WP3D Models also comes with a dynamically generated single landing page that is conversion driven.  You can choose to include any/all of the new features (read on) as well as a lead generation email form.  Now, in a matter of minutes (literally), you can whip up a beautiful single page for your client’s property and brand it with their logo and contact information.  You can even redirect a custom domain to this page as part of your “package”, and YOUR site gets all of the traffic and SEO-rich inbound links.  WIN/WIN!

Matterport Showcase Content Import
Matterport’s Showcase 2.0 now includes additional “Public Details” that can be added to each model inside your dashboard at ‘my.matterport.com’. With WP3D Models v.2, we look for any attached “public” data (Name, Presented By, Summary, Address, Contact Name, Contact Phone & Contact Email. We even support the brand-new “Formatted” Contact Phone!) and save that information alongside your locally added data.  We’re really proud of this feature because you can elect to display this imported data with your WP3D Models, making it even faster to publish your work to your site/domain.  Additionally, your site will get the SEO credit for all of this content!

Agents Data
Another huge new feature for v.2 is the new ‘Agents’ tool. Now, you can add information about various Agents that you work with regularly, or those who are part of your brokerage.  Once added to the site, you can optionally attach them (up to 3) to any model you’ve added.  If one of these agents changes their phone number, image, etc…you can edit in one place and automatically update all instances.  Additionally, you can elect to have the lead generation form (part of the “skinned” single page website view) send to ALL of the attached agents.

Lead Generation Form (w/ support for Gravity Forms/Contact Form 7/Ninja Forms)
The lead generation feature has already been mentioned but deserves a bit more explanation.  Currently available as part of the “skinned” view, the lead generation form can be enabled and customized regarding where it sends TO.  Available options are: a) imported Matterport ‘Contact Email’, ‘Custom Email’, or ‘Associated Agent Contacts’.  Additionally, the contact form can be completely replaced using another WordPress “form” plugin shortcode.  Custom styles are already provided for the 3rd party form solution ‘Gravity Forms’. Support/styling is also provided for “Contact Form 7” and “Ninja Forms” when supplementary styling plugins are installed/activated.

Auto Mapping
Related to the “Dashboard Content Import”, WP3D Models mapping can now optionally use the address information you’ve entered inside the ‘my.matterport.com’ dashboard.  We’ll retrieve the address you enter and check if for validity if you’ve elected to show a map AND the address checks out….auto mapping!

After all of your hard work in creating these models, we want the world to see them!  Every view now has the option to include built-in sharing buttons for the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+).

Rich Embedding
Custom embedding was introduced in WP3D Models a few versions back, but we’ve greatly expanded on this feature in v2.0. The embed code you’ll share with a client is the same, but much more information can be delivered, if you choose to do so. Additional information includes your (or your client’s) Branding, Model description, Social Sharing, Links/Connect Info, Agent Contact details, and a Fullscreen option.

Website & Social Networks
Also related to “branding”, new global options exist that allow you to connect your company/brand’s social network profiles.  When added, “Connect” icons are displayed on your embedded models, driving traffic back to your site as well as to your social networks.  Every time one of your models is embedded elsewhere on the web, you also get a direct link back to your web properties. Potential clients no longer have to search for who created the amazing 3D content they’re viewing.

Single Shortcode
Each model you add to your site also comes with its own single “shortcode”.  This means that you can embed a model into another model’s WYSIWYG content, allow for simple groupings of more than one model.  This can be especially valuable for promoting homes/properties where the layout of buildings required separate/unique scans. Alternatively, maybe you’d like to create a blog post or a static page that includes a certain model content, now it’s easy to include that (responsive) content anywhere in your site.

ZIP Images Tool
The free/public WP3D Models ZIP tool (found at ‘http://zip.wp3dmodels.com’) has now been integrated into the WP3D Models plugin core.  Using this tool, it takes just seconds to download all snapshot images that you’ve saved inside your ‘my.matterport.com’ dashboard. Additionally, you can use these images to create your own still gallery (more on that below) or maybe send them off to your client as part of your “package” deliverables.

Related Models
Now you can select a category of models to display at the bottom of your single model view. This is perfect for photographers with lots of models that span different categories and/or clients. Select what “type” or “client” you want to draw from and related models will be displayed automatically.

“SOLD” Option
Models can now be marked as “Sold” and will be rendered with a “Sold” corner flap graphic. This image can be replaced to match your site’s styling in the WP3D Models Setting screen…or replaced with a translated version for non-English installations.

Photo Gallery
Models can now be supplemented with a photo gallery.  This highly requested feature is now part of WP3D Models and can be managed under the “Media” tab when entering a model.  Additionally, there is full (responsive) support for image captions.  No DSLR/still images?  No problem! You can create your own gallery of images using Matterport’s dashboard snapshots and the built-in WP3D ZIP Images tool (mentioned above).

Video Support (YouTube + Vimeo)
Simply enable and copy/paste the URL to either a YouTube or Vimeo video (also found under the “Media” tab).  Your model page (standard, nobrand, or skinned views) will display your fully responsive video at full width.

Floorplan Images
Similar to the Photo Gallery feature, you can now include 2D floorplan images alongside your model.  Enable this feature, then upload images. Each added floorplan will generate a clickable thumbnail image that opens a larger version.  Similar to the gallery, images can be title, captioned, and re-ordered.  Lastly, a direct link to the FULL resolution image is also created, making it possible for users to easily save/download a full-size floorplan image to their machine.

Property Info Details
A new “Property Info” feature makes it possible to call out specific property attributes.  This is perfect for use when noting the number of bedrooms, or bathrooms, or square footage, etc.  Additionally, it is possible to include any of the FontAwesome icons to supplement these attributes with a visual element.

Property Text Tabs
 This new tool was developed to offer a solution for more verbose explanations/descriptions of property features.  Property content can be organized into multiple “tabs” and can include standard WordPress WYSIWYG content (including shortcodes!).  These can be used for video (wrapped in <div class=”embed-container”></div>) too..or for showing another Matterport model.

Customization & Localization via Filters
 By default, the WordPress Plugin API offers a robust customization solution using something called “hooks”.  WP3D Models takes full advantage of these options and includes new “filters” for every text label that is displayed on the “front end” pages that are created.  This makes it possible for you to change any default text that ships with the plugin (“Map”, “View”, etc.) as well as a way to quickly swap out English (EN) text for translations in your own language.  WP3D Models was also constructed with full translation capabilities in mind (both front and back end), but using filters can make it much faster to swap out key terms, vs building a full translation package.

“Views” & Prettier Permalinks
One of the core strengths/features of WP3D Models is its ability to offer multiple “views” of the same content.  This allows you to send the most appropriate “view” link to different audiences.  A “nobrand” view can be sent to your MLS and a “skinned” view to your client (for use as a single-page website).  You can continue to promote your “standard” view on your company site as part of your own marketing to others who may be interested in your services.  Each “view” includes a “canonical” link back to your “standard” link, so as to protect your SEO rankings and avoid multiple indexing of your content across various “views”. Lastly, v.2 improves upon the URL structure where “ugly” URL parameters are converted to “pretty” permalinks.

WordPress Plugin API – Filter & Action Hooks
Related to the “Customization & Localization via Filters” feature, new “action” hooks have been created to allow for extreme customization of the list/map/shortcode pages via the WordPress Plugin API. To reiterate, EVERY SINGLE BIT OF TEXT that appears on the front-end can now be quickly translated into your native tongue via a WordPress filter hook.

Auto Mobile Fullscreen (w/o redirecting to Matterport Address)
Many WP3D Models v.1 users requested that a solution be created to prevent users from being redirected to a Matterport URL when viewing models on mobile devices.  Version 2 introduces a solution to this issue whereby keeping the user on your site and filling the available mobile viewport to simulate a fullscreen display on smaller screens.

Custom List View Map Options
New options exist to customize the type of map displayed on list view (shortcode) pages.

Custom Map Marker Color
The default Google map pin has been replaced with a marker whose color can be customized to match a site’s branding.

FOV Option (Non “Skinned” & non “Introed”)
On non-skinned pages without an “Intro”, a new option exists to shorten the height of the embedded model resulting in a widened field of view display of that model’s content.

Force “Help” Content
Every model (& model view) can now be flagged to “force” the built-in Matterport help content.

UNREALER Smart Gallery Integration
In cooperation with UNREALER, you can now supplement your models with “Smart Galleries“.  This UNREALER based content can be quickly added to act as your model’s photo gallery and floorplan content.

Footer Disclaimer Text
We heard from a few users indicating a need for the ability to add custom “disclaimer” text beneath added model content.  If added, this (fully optional) content will appear on all model “views”.