WP3D Models – Version 2.1

What started out as a lightweight “bug fix” release suddenly took wings and grew into a much larger update.  While this new update is long overdue, we’re really proud of the new features/fixes that are now included.

Before we jump into what’s new/changed in 2.1, we want to note that we recently celebrated our first birthday! A huge THANK YOU to all of our amazing WP3D Models customers for helping make year one such a great success. The vast majority of what we’ve built is the direct result of suggestions from our customers and we’re so pleased to get this feedback.  Please keep it coming!


  • Skinned Video Background
    You can now include a video (YouTube-only, for now) to play in the background of your Skinned views!  This new option creates a really powerful polish to your “Skinned” view and works really well with subtle looping video that introduces a property.  We can’t wait to see how people use this new feature.  Please send us links of the Models you create!
    We’d like to think that a few of you are cheering right now.  By popular demand, we’ve added a new option for “Sale Pending”, in addition to “Sold”.  Like the “Sold” image, you can also override what is provided with WP3D Models.
  • Exclude Model From List Views
    Do we hear more cheering?  You can now selectively “exclude” a particular model from ALL LIST VIEWS (shortcode-generated content).  A number of you have noted this need when you have a property/location/tour that you want to keep published, but don’t want to publicly promote in your various list pages.  You’ll find this setting in the sidebar of all Model Edit pages.
  • Admin List Enhancements
    Now, when you view the list of your models inside your Admin, you’ll find that we’ve included your thumbnail image and a new column that lets you quickly see if a Model is “excluded” or not.
  • Unbranded Video Option
    Based on several suggestions for this feature, we’ve now included a second link for video (both Vimeo & YouTube) that will only be seen on your “Nobrand” views.  This option allows all of you savvy video producing pros to add a lot more value to your MLS-friendly views without compromising your branding everywhere else.
  • Full Matterport Parameter/Option Support
    Since our last release, Matterport included a number of new “Parameters” that can be manually added to customize how your Model is displayed.  We’ve gone in and integrated each and every one of them to enable each one with a simple checkbox! PLUS, we discovered some really interesting new ones that appear to be undocumented.  We’ve integrated these new options as well and labeled them as “BETA”.  Upgrade your version today to start customizing how your models are displayed.
  • Space Preloading
    We’ve built in a way that you can (Desktops only, for now) preload your Matterport Space, making it immediately ready/available once a user clicks the PLAY button. This option exists for all WP3D views where an “Intro” is enabled, as well the “Skinned” view.
  • Property Info Tabs Limit
    By default, we limit the number of “Property Info Tabs” to three, but there’s a new filter available now that can be used to increase this amount.
  • Force Global Branding on Standard Views
    We hope you all love the WP3D Models option that allows  you to “override” your own branding with that of your client’s logos.  We think this option makes for a very nice polish and/or upsell to your clients. However, you may feel like you’d prefer to keep YOUR branding intact on all of your “Standard” views. If that’s the case, we’ve added a shiny new “Settings” option that makes this possible.
  • New Animated “Skinned” Title
    We added a nice new animated polish to the “Skinned” view titles.
  • Global Default View
    We’ve built a number of tools to make it possible to customizing each individual model.  However, we’re hearing that many of you would like the option to define some presets to certain features, so you don’t have to remember to set that value on each new Model.  This new feature makes it possible to set you “Default View Link” globally, and you will still have the option of customizing this on a per-model basis.
  • View-specific Analytics Event Tracking
    For those of you interested in Data Analysis (hopefully this is the majority of you), we added a bunch of behind-the-scenes Analytics Event Tracking code.  It is now easier than ever to see a breakdown of how users are interacting with each of your Model views.  If you’re using our recommended WordPress Analytics Plugin, there’s nothing to enable here, it “just works”.  Or, if you’ve got your own way of adding Google Analytics code, we’ve got a shiny new WordPress hook for you to use.
  • Fullscreen & Embedded “Play Button Only”
    Under unique circumstances, there is a need to remove all information from a model, except for the Play Button.  This issue has presented itself when a Model is custom embedded into another (client) website that has limited vertical space in which to display the embed.  In these (arguably rare) cases, you can now trim up what you present to your client to keep everyone looking their best AND still keep the SEO traffic & data flowing through your site.
  • Related Models Titles
    Hovering over a “Related Model” now displays that Model’s Title.


  • Agent Photo Cropping
    We’ve polished up how the Agent Photo gets displayed allowing non-square images to be used.  However, we still recommend using a square image (at least 300 x 300, in pixels) for the best looking results.
  • Sticky Override Logo
    There was a bug that prevented override logos from being removed….this has been fixed up.
  • Sticky Override Image
    There was a bug that prevented override images from being removed….this has been fixed up.
  • Phone Number Formatting
    In some cases, phone numbers weren’t being properly formatted….now they are…even international ones!
  • Phone Number Labels
    A few of you noted that the “Mobile” label shouldn’t always be present if only ONE number was entered.  We agree!  This has been fixed up.
  • Page/Gallery Loading
    We made a few changes that will DRAMATICALLY decrease your page load times, based on how gallery photos are now loaded.  This is especially great for mobile users and your own SEO Page Speed ranking for each model.
  • Gallery Centering
    We’ve adjusted how the gallery loads images and any vertical cropping will now be split between the top & the bottom.
  • Content Vertical Centering
    We polished up how content is vertically centered across all views.  Things look/fit much better now across device sizes.
  • Canonical Link Fix
    Default Link now becomes Canonical across all views.  Much better for SEO.
  • “Nobrand” Related Models Links
    If you’re on a “nobrand” page with Related Models, the links on those related models point to the “nobrand” views.


First off, we want to note that WordPress & WP3D Models were built to be fully Internationalized.   However, our first year of life here at WP3D Models saw so much change in the codebase that it was impossible for us to keep on top of all of the translation changes that went alongside.  So, as a interim solution for language translation, we’ve leveraged some core WordPress functionality that allows us to ship an “add on” plugin for WP3D Models that will translate everything your USERS will see, into your preferred language.  The plugin ADMIN will still be English-only (for now), but we’re inching closer to providing the ability to translate everything.

Please reach out if you’d like a free copy of our translations in the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Swedish
  • Simple Chinese

Please also reach out to us if you’d like to see WP3D translated into your native tongue!