WP3D Models v.2.1.2 & New Google Maps API Keys

We’ve just released a smaller update to WP3D Models that addresses some recent changes introduced by Google Maps.  Additionally, we’ve added the ability to add links to the “Disclaimer” text area option (helpful if you want to link every model you create back to YOUR site) a couple little polishes (better labeling & UI of WP3D Models “Views” under the “WP3D Models Tools”) and a bug fix (Gallery “Previous” button now works as expected on Standard/Nobrand Views).

Google Maps API Updates
In late June of 2016, Google announced a number of updates to the way they offer their free mapping tools.  These changes mean that every NEW user of the Google Maps API needs to supply API keys to use the service.  Existing users (anyone with a site using Google Maps PRIOR to June 22, 2016) can continue to use the mapping API without a key (for the foreseeable future).

Ummm, okay, so, what does this mean for me and/or using WP3D Models?

The answer is different, depending on when you made your WP3D Models purchase:

  1. If you purchased/installed/activated WP3D Models prior to June 22, 2016 – nothing changes and you can press on without needing to make any immediate changes.
  2. If you purchased/installed/activated WP3D Models on a NEW DOMAIN on or after June 22, 2016 – you’ll need to generate some API keys to add them to the latest (v.2.1.2) version of WP3D Models.

If you need to generate these keys, don’t stress….it’s easy.  We’ve written up a very detailed guide in our documentation.  You need a Google Account and less than 5 minutes to get this all sorted out.

Lastly, depending on when you read this post, new purchasers may also need to install a patched version of our required & beloved “Advanced Custom Field (ACF)” plugin.  The stock version (at the time of this writing – 4.4.7) has not yet been officially updated to address the same Google Maps API changes noted above.  Please reach out to us via Support and we’ll forward you this temporary fixed version of ACF that patches the API issue until their next official version is released.

Cheers & Happy Summer from WP3D Models!