About Us


Managing Matterport™ models can be a challenge. Embedding the provided <iframe> is clunky and it hiccups on small devices.  Additionally, embedding more than a few models on a single web page will slow your load speed to a c-r-a-w-l. For these reasons, and many more, we decided to settle in and solve many of the issues we experienced while managing our own Matterport™ 3D Models.

Unlimited Model License

This plugin comes with a one-time purchase fee that you can use to create UNLIMITED models.  No proprietary solution, no monthly fees and 1 year of regular updates, for free. When your license expires, you’ll be offered a 30% discount for each subsequent year’s license.  Your copy of WP3D Models will not stop working when your license expires, but you will not be eligible for updates/support without a valid license.

Your Content, Your Domain

You’ve spent plenty of time developing your Matterport business, website and fine tuning your marketing efforts.  WP3D Models lets you direct all of your web traffic (including social media) back to your own website.  This important detail will make sure Google (and others) credit you with better ranking and search engine placement, not someone else’s portal domain.

100% WordPress

WordPress is the world’s biggest CMS, and MILLIONS of businesses use it for their websites. WP3D Models was built to plug-n-play nicely with your existing WordPress-based website and was coded using industry standards.  We even hired a 3rd party of WordPress professionals to perform a thorough code audit.  Using WP3D Models means that you get to take advantage of the vast, trusted, and open-source WordPress community.

Regular Updates

We’ll be regularly adding new features, options and enhancements to make managing your Matterport-based business as easy as possible.  If you have an idea for an enhancement, we’re listening!