Google Maps API Key

On June 11th, 2018, new pricing and product changes go into effect that require a billing account to be in place with Google Maps.  With billing enabled, each user will receive a monthly $200 free credit, enough to support most users of WP3D Models without incurring any additional mapping costs.

Before starting the process below, be sure you’re logged into a Google account where you have permission to create API keys.

So, in order to generate the necessary Google Maps API key, we’ve put together a quick step-by-step guide below:

    1. Visit the Google Cloud Platform to get an API key for your Google Maps integration in WP3D Models »  CLICK HERE
      You must be signed in with your Google account and agree to the terms and conditions as shown below.
    2. Click “Select a Project” and click “New Project”:
    3. Name the project and click “Create”
    4. Click    and Find “APIs & Services” > “Library”

    5. Click  “View all”
    6. Click and Enable the following API in the Library one by one
      • Maps Javascript API 
      • Places API 
      • Directions  API 
      • Geolocation API 
      • Geocoding  API


    1. Click and Find “APIs & Services” > “Credentials”


  1. Click “Create Credentials” > “API Key”

  2. Copy your generated  “API Key” and click “Restrict Key”

  3. Click “HTTP referrers (website)” > Enter your website’s URL > Click “Done” and “Save”

  4. Copy the generated API key and enter it into your WP3D Models Settings.

(WP3D) Models –> Settings –> Map (Tab) –> Google Maps API Key

Congrats! Your installation of WP3D Models is now fully compliant with Google’s Maps API!

Note: Adding your billing information is now required by Google.  However, you’ll receive a $200 credit each month that should be more than enough to cover most users of WP3D Models without incurring any additional costs.