$299 Includes Installation, Training & Support!

Free Installation & Configuration (Limited Time Offer! $149 Value)

We will install WP3D into your existing WordPress website. We’ll also generate a “gallery” page and add a few test models.


Free Training (Limited Time Offer! $99 Value)

We’ll schedule a time for a 30 minute training & orientation phone call.


When your license expires, your software will not stop working, but a valid license is necessary for support assistance & for product updates.


If you buy the WP3D plugin and cannot get it to work the way you want within 30 days, we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

Alan - customerAlan Lillington
5 stars

“After a month or two and many hundreds of pounds wasted, I was recommended to WP3D models and what a relief, Ross’s knowledge and customer support is outstanding and the plugin is an amazing tool you will not regret purchasing.”

Victoria - customerVictoria Fisher Jones
5 stars

“Excellent product that makes the Matterport models stand out above the rest. Ross helped us solve a couple of different problems setting up our plugin which was so invaluable. Superb customer service – would highly recommend!”

Francisco - customerFrancisco Toledo
5 stars

“WP3D Models was a game changer in our 3D scanning business. Being able to manage hundreds of models in our website in a very simple and beautiful manner helped us to achieve a very professional level of service. Deserves nothing but a 5 star review!”

Pre-Sales Questions

Does WP3D Models support different languages?

Absolutely!  We are proud to offer native translations for the front end of the WP3D Models Plugin.  Just send Support a note after your purchase and we’ll get you the right language pack with instructions on how to install it.  Languages supported include English (default) as well as:

  • French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, & Turkish


Don’t see a language you need?  Just let us know and we will send you a translation pack to fill out and we’ll get it all set up for you!

Will WP3D Models work with WordPress.com sites?

Yes….sortof. The standard (free) WordPress.com account, as well as paid “Personal” and “Premium” accounts do not support installation of any 3rd Party Plugins. Thus, WP3D Models cannot be installed and/or used on these accounts scenario. However, early in the summer of 2017, WordPress.com updated their highest tier “Business Plan” to allow for the installation of 3rd party content (plugins & themes). So, if you are subscribed to the WordPress.com Business Plan, you can now use WP3D Models on this platform. Otherwise, you’ll want to establish WordPress.ORG hosting via any number of compatible web hosts. Learn more about WordPress.COM vs WordPress.ORG »

Will WP3D Models work with WordPress Multisite?

This WP3D Models license is only valid for single/standard WordPress installations.  Contact us at info@wp3dmodels.com to learn more about our new beta of the multi-site WP3D Models Plugin.  

After expiration, How much does it cost to renew my license?

You can quickly and easily renew your license at up to 30% off the normal pricing within 60 days of your original license expiration date. If your license were to expire today, the current renewal fee would be $209.30 USD. After the 60-day window has expired, renewals are at billed at the current full price. Some coupon codes or other promotional discounts may not apply to renewals.

What are the requirements for WP3D Models?

WP3D Models is a WordPress plugin. You need to be running a (non-IIS) version of WordPress that is within one minor release of the current release (e.g. if 4.8 is available, 4.7+ is supported). Additionally, PHP 5.3 or newer is required, as is a current version of PHP’s cURL library 7.35.0 or newer.

Will my models/pages still work if my license expires?

Definitely. When your license expires, your models and the plugin will continue to function & display normally unless something changes with the WordPress core itself, Matterport’s system/setup, or other required plugins. For these reasons, we recommend always using WP3D Models with an active license and staying up to date with the most recent release. Doing so will guard against security vulnerabilities, prevent potential plugin conflicts, ensure compatibility with the WordPress core and give you access to all of the latest/greatest WP3D Models features.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we do! The only real requirement is that you already be a WP3D Models customer and familiar with our product. Please contact us and we’ll explain the details and get you signed up.