All in One Matterport + Single Property Website Solution

Full Feature List  

We build WP3D Models from the ground-up to meet the specific needs of Matterport pros, just like you.

Included is support for unlimited (white labeled) single property pages, multiple branding options, MLS compliant views, photo galleries, video, video backgrounds, floorplans, Matterport Showcase data, agent info, call-to-action forms, social sharing, content-rich embeds and SO MUCH MORE.

View the full feature list and explore highlights found on the MODELS, AGENTS & SETTINGS screens!

So what does WP3D Models Do?

At its core, WP3D Models is a content management tool and marketing engine that was build specifically for the Matterport community. It allows you, the Matterport professional or savvy agent to leverage the power of Matterport’s groundbreaking technology and drive traffic & SEO value to a website that you own.

Matterport Integration

  • Full Showcase 2.0 Support.
  • WP3D auto connects a model to its existing Matterport cover image & Showcase data.
  • Per-model options to disable multifloor or enable autoplay and help functionality!

Single Page Websites

  • Easily create beautiful, branded single-property websites.
  • Use the included “skinned” view to ship polished pages to your clients.
  • Add even more value by forwarding a custom domain to a single page URL.

Custom “Intro” Branding

  • Add logos and custom property images.
  • Brand models with your visual identity; optionally override with a client’s logo.
  • Optionally override the cover image that is provided from Matterport.**

Agent Data

  • Provide rich agent data & avoid double entry.
  • Separated “Agent” data for regular clients and simple site-wide updates.
  • Once attached, Agent data appears on all views, including embeds.

Lead Generation Form

  • Lead capture is baked into the “skinned” view.
  • Simple form sends message to all attached ‘Agents’ or associated email address.
  • Optional shortcode support for Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, & Contact Form 7

Rich Model Embeds

  • Branded, trackable & responsive model embeds.
  • One line of embed code…built to be easily shared anywhere on the web.
  • Include your branding, model description, sharing links & agent info.

Photo/Video Support

  • Supplement your models with photo galleries & video media.
  • Upload a gallery of separate photos, or build a gallery from Matterport snapshots.
  • Responsive video embed support for YouTube and Vimeo video URLs.

Property Info & Floorplans

  • Custom property information options & user interface elements.
  • Customize how a property is described with optional list & tab elements.
  • Include easy-to-save 2D floorplan images.

Related Models

  • Keep visitors engaged and promote your other models.
  • Each model now has the option to display “related” models by “type” or client”.
  • Promote groups of models and keep your site visitors engaged.

Developer Friendly

  • WP3D Models is incredibly customizable.
  • Single templates & “skin” can be used as the basis for a 100% custom design.
  • CSS/JS disable options & extensive WordPress Plugin API ‘hook’ integration.

Realtor® Friendly Views

  • MLS compliant UNBRANDED and FULLSCREEN model view options.
  • Easily track MLS traffic for each of your Matterport virtual tours.
  • All MLS tour links point back to YOUR SITE, another huge SEO boost.

SEO Friendly

  • You will always own your data.
  • Keep all model traffic in-house.
  • Customize your model URL to include targeted keywords.
  • Swap out Model ID’s whenever, published URL stays the same.

Facebook Integration

  • Turnkey solution for beautiful Facebook Posts.
  • Once configured, Open Graph Data is added to all published models.
  • Traffic from Facebook posts return to YOUR SITE, a huge SEO boost.

100% Responsive

  • Model presentation shines on mobile devices.
  • Flexible features are compatible with nearly every WordPress theme & theme width.
  • Customize how many columns of results appear at various display sizes.

Unlimited Landing Pages

  • Create as many custom model listing pages as you like.
  • Each client or industry can have a custom page of associated models.
  • Even your blog posts can include custom lists or maps of your models.

Twitter, Pinterest & Google+

  • Included social media sharing options.
  • Support for Twitter Cards (Summary w/Large Image).
  • Code & meta tags are optimized for Pinterest and Google+ posting.

Translation Ready

  • WP3D Models is Internationalized.
  • Simple front-end translations via integrated WordPress Plugin API & text ‘filter’ hooks.
  • Built from the ground up to be multi-lingual and ready for translation.

100% Guaranteed

  • We’ll always offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • No questions asked, we’ll just return your money and call it a day.
  • If run into a snag, we have lots of online help as well as support.

** This does not change the image stored at Matterport, just your local model content.

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