WP3D Models Lite Plugin (Free)

Not quite ready to harness the full power of the WP3D Models Plugin?

We totally get it, and are thrilled to offer this free Lite Version so you can see a sample model, and customize it to make it your own model 100%.

All integrations are included with the Lite Version, as well as the customizations for the model.  See the SEO power of hosting a beautiful search engine friendly page with 3 viewing options on YOUR OWN WEBSITE.  Your model now includes custom image galleries, video, video backgrounds, floorplans, custom skinning (single page websites), integration with MPEmbed and so much more!

Each model comes with several URL “views” depending on how you want to share and market your content (“standard”, “nobrand”, “fullscreen”, or “skinned”). Each option returns visitors to your site, vs sending them off to Matterport or giving away your SEO credit to someone else.  Additionally, each “view” option can be easily shared on social media with data (text & images) pre-assembled for proper display.  Model images are dynamically generated from Matterport and then served from your own site for fast display, including custom social share images. Or, you can even override each model thumbnail with your unique image!

WP3D Models also generates a custom EMBED tag for each of your models. This means that you can now share fully responsive codes with your clients AND be able to track how much traffic each model is getting!

When you’re ready to upgrade to the full version, get the benefit of:

  • Unlimited Models
  • Directories of Matterport Spaces that you can organize into your own categories and landing pages
  • Add Agents/Realtors that can be associated to one or many models, with category pages specific to agents
  • Scheduling integration with Calendly for each Agent for live & virtual appointments