WP3D Models has been designed from scratch to meet the needs of Matterport Camera owners and 3D Professionals. The following links show the versatility of this plugin and how you can tailor its output to meet your specific needs.

Single Page & “Intro” Options

Single Property Website

Every added model now comes with a “skinned” single property website, automatically.

Branded Fullscreen Intro

Fullscreen view with logo branding, social sharing & contact info…also used for branded embeds.

Branded Intro

Standard Model views can be “introed” to show your logo, or your client’s, when the page first loads.

Unbranded Intro

A model intro can be set to display just the play button icon without any branding.

Branded Client Intro

White label your scanning service & upload your client’s logo to override your own.

Co-Branded Intro

Matterport co-branding can be added in addition to your own, or your client’s, logo.

Model “Listing” Examples

Models, Maps, and Filters

This list view example shows mapping and filtering turned on. Results are filterable by model “type”.

Map Only

It’s easy to show just a full size map that show’s the locations of your models.

Models Only

Perhaps you only need a list of thumbnails and no map…you could even embed this into a blog post!

Custom Type

It is very easy to generate a page of model results for just one “type”, in this case “Vacation Rentals”.

Custom Client

Build a landing page for your regular scanning client takes just seconds…with or without a map.

Most Recent

It’s easy to create a page that always shows the most recent models added to your site.

Custom VR Collection

Build your own custom Matterport VR Collections, without writing any code!

Gallery Modal Display

Display your “Gallery” or “Portfolio” page with WP3D fullscreen views opening in a Modal window, vs. linking away.

Other “Detail” Views


The basic model view with no “Intro”. It uses the existing theme for branding & styling and is 100% responsive.

Standard Autoplay

Enable “autoplay” on any basic model view (without WP3D “Intro” functionality enabled).

Standard No Brand

Remain MLS-compliant, yet keep all “Virtual Tour” traffic pointing back to your own site.

Unbranded Fullscreen

An unbranded fullscreen view, just like Matterport’s, without leaving your site…also used for unbranded embeds.