Add Video to Property Info Tabs

A super slick way to add more video to your Models is to leverage the power of your “Property Info Tabs”.

The process is very easy…but you’ll need to add just a hint of code to make sure your videos remain “responsive”.

Step 1

Navigate to the Model where you want to add this new video content.

Step 2

Under the WP3D Models “Info” Tab, you’ll find an option to “Add property info tabs?”  Check this box.

Note that in earlier versions of WP3D, this was called “Property Text Tabs”, just FYI.

Step 3

Give your first Tab a Title and then reference the screenshots below to reveal the popup where you’ll enter your custom embed code.

When you click the “<>” Icon, you’ll get a “Source Code” popup.  Don’t get scared by the word “code”.  This is easy.

Step 4

Enter the following “code”, exactly as follows:

<div class="embed-container">

Then, after copying the iframe embed code from your video, paste it here.

Then, enter this closing “code”, exactly as follows:


That’s it!  Your finished entry should look something like the following:

Step 5

Click “OK”.  Then Update/Save your Model.

You should now see your video in a tab when visiting one of your Model views!  Repeat these steps to add additional “Property Info Tabs” with other video content!