Adding your first Model

So, you’ve got WP3D Models all installed and running….now what!?

Here are a few basic “next steps” to get you going:

  1. Adding a Model
    Inside your WordPress Admin, you’ll see that there is now a new “Models” menu item on the left (navigation) side of your screen.  Hover your mouse over this title to reveal the submenu, then click “Add New Model”.
  2. Model Edit Screen
    When creating your first Model, note that there are only 2 fields that are absolutely required.  These are the “Title” and  the “Model Link”. Note that there is no label for the “Title” field. It is the bigger field, at the very top of the screen and is often populated with the address of the property you’re using for this Model. The “Model Link” field will be populated with the PUBLIC link that you’ll copy from inside your account.
  3. Publish
    On your first model, simply enter data into the two field noted above (#2) and then click the “Publish” button.  Upon doing so, WP3D will generate a URL for this first model and (behind the scenes) gather up your Model image and other public API data about your model, and bundle everything together for you.
  4. “WP3D Models Tools”
    Once your Model has finished saving, notice that there is a new “Admin Bar” menu created. This menu provides access to the various “view” URLS (“Branded” and “Unbranded” options) that are auto-generated by WP3D Models, as well as embed codes and more.  Be sure to explore the various links here to get better acquainted.

    Here’s a screenshot to reference the location of the this “WP3D Models Tools” menu location:

  5. Model Details
    Now that you know how to navigate WP3D’s options a bit better, go ahead and start filling out some content (using the various tabs found on your Model Edit screen) to see how various information/media that you enter is populated into the various URLs provided by the “WP3D Models Tools” menu.