“Agents” vs. “Model Clients”

One of the first big features that we introduced with WP3D Models was the ability to categorize the spaces you create.  Using “Model Types” and “Model Clients”  you can create groupings of your work that can be greatly custom to how you run your business.

While you can use these tools (technically, called “taxonomies”) however you like, we imagined that “Model Types” might be terms like “Condos” or “Townhomes” or maybe more broadly “Residential” or “Commercial”.  What you use here is completely up to you and there’s no real “limit” to how many you can make.

Similarly to “Model Types”, we introduced “Model Clients” as another way to group your models by the companies/clients that you work with regularly.  Again, this can be used however you see fit, but we imagined these terms being specific brokerages, hotel chains, insurance agencies, or maybe even specific agents.

In version 2.0, we introduced “Agents”, a new feature designed to help speed up the input of one’s models by adding the details for a listing agent independent from the model data.  This works really well….but it has caused a bit of confusion.

So, for the record, “Model Types” are not “Agents”, and vice versa.  If you like, however, you can add a Model Type that matches an “Agent” name and use this to organize all of the models you’ve created for that person.  In fact, we highly recommend that you do so, this would create a fantastic landing page on your site for both you and the “Agent”.