Combining Multiple Models

A common need for a Matterport Pro is the ability to connect Multiple Showcases to a single URL.  Using WP3D Models, there are several ways you can accomplish this.  It is perfect for associating physically separated guest houses, pool houses, studios, or even several outbuildings to your primary model. (NOTE: This document does not apply to the “fullscreen” view.)

  1. First, add each separate scan as a unique “Model” inside your copy of WP3D Models.
  2. Add a second model as part of the “Primary Model Content”
    Head over to the secondary model that you want to add and use the “WP3D Models Tools” menu at the top of your screen to copy the auto-generated “Single Shortcode” for this model.  With that copied, head back to your primary model and simply paste the shortcode into the Primary Model Content editor.  Save your model.
  3. Alternatively, add multiple models as unique “Property Text Tabs”
    Similar to #1 above, you’ll still need to get/copy the “Single Shortcode” for your secondary model.  In the “Info” Tab of the plugin, select ‘Add Property Info Tabs” under “Property Info Tabs”.  Give your tab a “Tab Title” and then paste your saved shortcode into the “Tab WYSIWYG” section. Save your model.

Note that the more models you add in this way, the larger the initial page load!