Default Shortcode

The bare minimum that you’d need to get the plugin working is here. Add a few MODELS, and then paste this into a new PAGE to see what she can do!

Default Shortcode


Shortcode showing all possible attributes:

[wp3d-models type="" client="" orderby="" order="" posts="" map="" filter=""]

Shortcode Attributes

For reference, these are the values that get passed in when nothing is specifically set:

  • “type” = Allows filtering by custom Model Type Slug (default is ALL types)
  • “client” = Filter by Client Slug (default is ALL clients) **
  • “orderby” = “menu_order”, title”, or “date” (default is “menu_order”)
  • “order” = “ASC” or “DESC” (default is descending, “DESC”)
  • “posts” = NUMERIC (if you entered “20”, then the page would limit matching results to just 20)
  • “map” = “true” or “false” or “only” (default is “false” — “only” will hide all thumbnails and just show the BIGGER mapped results)
  • “filter” = “true” or “false” (default is “false” — “true” will return a list of links to filter ALL models by “type”) **

If a shortcode includes the use of the “client” or “type” attribute, all filtering is disabled.

Only one [wp3d-models] shortcode can be used per page. If more than one is detected, you’ll get an alert printed to your page where the additional shortcode was found.