Facebook Cache

If you use post to Facebook regularly, you’ll surely find that they create a very strong cache of shared pages (unrelated to WP3D Models) when they are discovered/shared for the first time. This usually works great, but becomes problematic when something about that page changes after the cache was created.  If you make a change to the title/address/content of your model AFTER you’ve shared it, you’ll need to walk through the following steps to ensure that future shares pull up the correct information.

FYI – This issue is unrelated to WP3D Models and this solution applies to ANYTHING you might want to share on Facebook.

So, if the content that pops up in your Facebook share window appears to be wrong, or has changed…try clearing the Facebook information with this tool:


In the field provided, you’ll enter the link that you’re trying to share, then click the “Debug” button.

Likely you’ll see the wrong info presented. You should also see a timestamp that shows when the information was last scraped. Use the “Scrape Again” button to request that Facebook goes back and looks for new information.

You may need to repeat this process a time or two and even give it a few minutes (maybe even 10-15) to clear everything out.

Once you’ve followed these steps, try re-sharing the original URL again and hopefully you’ll find that the correct information is now presented.