Generate VR Collection

When using the built-in VR capabilities of Matterport, it quickly becomes important to be able to assemble a custom “collection” of tours that you want to display.  Thankfully, Matterport created the mechanism to do this and it dovetails very nicely with how WP3D Models already works!  By default, WP3D has always allowed you to create custom “collections” of your work via our shortcode.

Starting in v.2.2, we’ve added some new (optional) parameters that are then used to assemble the custom Matterport link that you’ll use on your VR-enabled device.

Our new parameters are:


Lets walk through these one by one:

1. The ‘collection’ Parameter

Lets say that you already use the stock WP3D Models shortcode for your “Gallery” page.  In that case, you’d simply have the following pasted into a WordPress “Page”:


If you wanted to add the auto-generated “VR Collection” URL to appear at the top of this page, you’d simply update this to be:

[wp3d-models collection="true"]

2. The ‘collvrcheck’ Parameter

There are some cases where an existing Matterport Model may have its VR capabilities disabled (from inside your Workshop) or because of its vintage/etc. In those cases, the Model will appear in the “VR Collection” but with the title of “Unavailable”. The remedy here is to use this additional parameter to only look for Models where VR is explicitly enabled.

NOTE: If you’ve been using WP3D Models for some time and one or more of your Models has VR enabled but is not showing up using this parameter, you may need to “Edit” that particular Model inside WP3D and Re-Retrieve its data from Matterport. The information you have stored locally may not be quite up to date.

To enable the “collvrcheck”, your shortcode would now look like this:

[wp3d-models collection="true" collvrcheck="true"]

3. The ‘collname’ & ‘colldesc’ Parameters
A Matterport VR Collection can be further customized with a unique “Name” and “Description”. By default, WP3D Models will attempt to use your Page Title for the “Name” and any text content you’ve entered on the page will become the “Description”.

However, you may elect to tailor these values for a more polished presentation.

This shortcode includes everything from above as well as a custom Name and Description:

[wp3d-models collection="true" collvrcheck="true" collname="My Custom Collection" colldesc="My curated list of stunning VR tours."]