I just bought WP3D, but downloaded a bunch of files, not a zip file

This issue is common among Mac (Safari) users.  The stock installation of Safari on your Mac machine is trying to “help” you by auto-unzipping an .zip files that you download. The problem is that (in the case of all WordPress plugins) you need the original .zip file on your machine in order to be able to re-upload it into your site.

Mac User Solution options:

1) Change your Safari settings

  • Open Safari
  • Click Preferences
  • Under the General tab, uncheck the option Open “safe” files after downloading.

2) Use a different browser

Using Chrome or Firefox will not trigger the same auto-unzipping functionality.

3) Re-Zip Your Files

If you’ve already unzipped your WP3D files and don’t want to re-download, you can navigate in your Mac’s “Finder” until you’ve selected the (unzipped) folder “wp3d-models”. Highlight that folder and then choose:

File --> Compress "wp3d-models"

This will re-zip the folder, creating the file “wp3d-models.zip” that you need for uploading into your WordPress site.