Model Password Protection

Using WP3D Models, it is very easy to add password protection to your property tours. We leverage the built-in WordPress “Visibility” option to allow you, the tour author, complete control.

When publishing or updating your tour, make note of the “Visibility” settings that are found just above your “Publish” or “Update” button.

Here’s a screenshot:

Once you’ve selected “Password protected”, you’ll just need to enter the password you want to use to protect this specific Model.

Once Published (or Updated) you’ll find that all of your Model “views” will now display a login box that requires the password you just set.

Additional notes:

  1. Once you’ve entered the password once, you will not be prompted for it again.  This can sometimes cause confusion as there is no way to “log out” and then require the password again on that particular browser/device.  To see the password box again, try reloading the URL in another browser or in an “incognito” or “private” browser session.
  2. This method of password protection works well, but it is not 100% secure.  The primary reason for this disclaimer is that a visitor is savvy, they can inspect the source code for the generated page and find the original URL to the Matterport Model.  The Matterport URL is not password protected and could potentially be shared elsewhere and outside of the protection generated by WordPress/WP3D.