Model Template Customization

WP3D Models was built to let designers/developers easily replace the “built-in” model templates with those that you might choose to customize yourself.

Single, Fullscreen, & Unbranded Customizations

Simply grab a copy of any “stock” template and use it as the starting point for your customizations.

You can find these stock “model” templates here:

You’ll just need to create a copy of this/these file(s) and add them into your ACTIVE theme directory (including child themes). ¬†Make your custom modifications to these duplicated files, and not those that ship within WP3D Models.

Skinned Customizations

If you want to customize the “Skinned” view, the process is a bit different.

WP3D Models stores the current “skinned” template here:


We set it up this way so that the plugin can accept other “skins”, in the future.

Making changes to this template (at this location) is NOT RECOMMENDED as that those changes will be overwritten when you update WP3D Models.

Instead, if you decide you want to customize the “skinned” view, be sure to copy the entire “crosby” directory and place it inside your current theme. You’ll also need to rename the directory from “crosby” to “wp3d-skin”. Once you’ve done so, WP3D Models will use this location for your “skinned” display and it won’t be overwritten when the plugin is updated.

NOTE: As WP3D Models gets updated, there are certain to be updates made to the various templates that ship with our plugin. If you choose to make modifications/customizations (as described above) it is important to note that you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. You’ll need to manually apply future plugin-provided template changes to your local/custom version.