Model “type” Attribute

WP3D Models was designed so that you could organize your models by “type”.  For instance, maybe you’ve scanned a number of different restaurants and you’d like to promote your work to other restaurant owners/chains.

Using WP3D Models, you’d want to first create a “Model Type” of “Restaurant”.  Once you’ve done so, a new page could be created called something like “Restaurant Models” where you’d add the WP3D Models shortcode that will only show ‘restaurant’ models.

Here’s the shortcode you’d use in this case:

[wp3d-models type="restaurant"]

Things to keep in mind

A few things to note when creating a shortcode that uses the “type” attribute:

  • ‘Model Types’ must be created beforehand AND models must be associated before the shortcode will work.
  • ‘Model Types’ can be used together, when separated by a comma.
    Example: [wp3d-models type=”restaurant,education”]
  • Filters will not work (Really, why would they?  If you just want to show a certain “type” there’s no need to filter anything, right?)