Model “viewlink” attribute

For many, creating a “Gallery” or “Portfolio” page where you can promote your work is a top priority when getting started with WP3D Models. For these types of pages, you may want to consider using the “viewlink” parameter as part of your WP3D Models shortcode.

If present, this parameter can either force each Model’s fullscreen view to open in a modal (popup) window, or it can be used to open any other link type in a new window or tab.

To open fullscreen views in a modal/popup window, here’s the shortcode you’d want to use:

[wp3d-models viewlink="modal"]

Otherwise, if you’d just like your links to open in new windows/tabs, you’d use:

[wp3d-models viewlink="newtab"]

Combining Shortcode Parameters

Shortcode parameters are meant to be combined!
You can create very custom presentations & groupings of Models by combining available WP3D Models shortcode parameters.