Single Model View Options

From the beginning, one of the goals for WP3D Models was to create a “Single” view of a model that could have a customized output, or “view” depending on the audience.

For example, you’d like for a visitor (potential scanning client) who visits your site to see the model you created with your regular site branding & navigation (header & footer content).  But, there are instances where you might like to share the same model, but without any branding (maybe in order to meet MLS requirements).  Furthermore, you might like to send someone straight to a fullscreen version of the model.

Each of these options are available for every model you add to your site using WP3D Models.

You can find the unique URLs for each “view” by first logging into your site (as an admin) and the simply viewing the model who’s custom link you want to retrieve.

Here’s a screenshot of what the this option looks like: