Updating Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and Add-Ons

Have you updated Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) recently? 5.6.7 or newer?
If you are a longtime WP3D Models user, you may currently be running older & incompatible versions of the “Add-Ons” that ship with WP3D Models. It is very important that you follow the following steps closely in order to update these plugins so that your remain compatible with the latest version of ACF. Let’s dig in…

If you purchased a WP3D Models license prior to September 2017, you may need to update two of the required “Add-On” plugins that ship with WP3D Models:

  1.  We’re assuming you are running WP3D v3.2 or greater. If not, please go update WP3D Models first, then come back.
  2. With WP3D Models 3.2 installed/activated, Go to your “Plugins” Admin screen and locate these two existing ACF Add-on plugins:
    • Advanced Custom Fields : Gallery Field
    • Advanced Custom Fields : Repeater Field
  3. Look for the Version number of these plugins.  If they are less than “2.1.0”, DEACTIVATE and then DELETE both of them.
  4. Your 3.2+ version of WP3D shipped with newer versions that just need to be re-added. So, with the older versions deleted, you should be re-prompted (by WP3D Models) to both INSTALL and ACTIVATE the new ones.
  5. Or, if it is easier, simply visit this menu item to install/activate from this location:
  6. That’s it!  All better!