Using a Matterport “Deep Link”

For some time now, Matterport has offered the ability to retrieve a “deep link” URL that, when followed, opens up that Space at a very specific location, different from the “starting point” you set within your Matterport Workshop.  Adding support for “deep links” was heavily requested and starting in WP3D Models version 3.0, you can now use one of these URLs to build out a Model.

Here’s the process:

1. Visit your Matterport Space and navigate to the point you want to link to.

2. Press the letter “U” on your keyboard.

3. You’ll see a small link “popup” appear in the upper right corner.  Use the provided “Copy” button and copy this (long) URL.


How to build a WP3D Model using a Matterport Deep Link

4. Back inside WP3D Models (v.3.0 or newer), paste this full URL into your “Matterport” (Base Type) Model.

From here, you can proceed with building out your Model as you normally would. WP3D Models will process your “deep link” URL and still allow you to supplement with any of the other available Matterport Options (“Opt” tab). When this Model is viewed, you’ll find that it now “starts” at your new location, vs the default “starting point”.