What is a Model “Client”?

If you’re confused about what a Model “Client” is, you’ve come to the right place.

Think of a “Client” as another category, or grouping of similar models, and similar to a model “Type”.

Some things to note:

  • Models can be organized by “client” as well as by “type”.
  • Separating “clients” makes it possible to have unique client-specific landing pages that are separate from the “types” of those models
  • “Types” and “clients” can be mixed and matched.

So, some examples of “clients” might be (fictional names):

  • Hiltonne Hotels
  • Acme Construction
  • Lakefront Vacation Rentals
  • Highend Property Mgmt.

You can set up WP3D Models to use any “clients” that you want.  You can have as many, or as few as you like.

“Clients” can be added from the “New Model” screen in the right hand column, or you can add them separately from the “Models -> Model Types” screen.

Here’s a screenshot:

WP3D Model Clients Location