WordPress & Caching

It’s worth noting that every WordPress-based website can benefit from the addition of some sort of caching mechanism.  Caching can GREATLY speed up your site and give you another bump with Google, who rewards faster sites with better search engine placement.

Recently, many “managed” hosts offer built-in caching mechanisms, and this definitely the easiest way to speed up your online presence.

Our favorite?
By far, the best solution we’ve found for hosting WordPress sites is WPEngine. (affiliate link).

Otherwise, there are managed WordPress solutions (with caching) available from many of the larger hosting companies.

Caching Plugins

Alternatively, if you already have a WordPress site and will just be adding WP3D Models, you may want to consider adding a caching plugin to help speed up your entire site.

We’ve had good luck with a nice simple caching plugin called ZenCache.  Maybe give that one a shot!