“WordPress SEO by Yoast” Plugin

WordPress SEO by Yoast” is a VERY powerful addition to any WordPress powered website.   We love and recommend it highly.

WP3D Models is built to piggyback on this plugin to help you promote your site and your models/virtual tours.  In addition, Yoast’s plugin provides always updated methods for integrating content with various social media outlets.

Once “WordPress SEO by Yoast” is installed, your site and models will be “social media ready” once you’ve enabled the setting inside Yoast’s plugin.

These settings can be found in your newly enabled admin option:  SEO -> Social

SEO Social “Accounts” Tab:

Enter any of your various company social media page URL’s here.

SEO Social “Facebook” Tab: 

At a minimum, be sure to:

  1. Check the “Add Open Graph meta data” checkbox on this tab.
  2. Upload a “default” Facebook “Image URL”.  This is an image that Facebook will use if nothing else can be found.  For best results, this image should include your logo and be sized at 1200px (wide) by 630px (tall).

SEO Social “Twitter” Tab: 

At a minimum, be sure to:

  1. Check the “Add Twitter card meta data” checkbox.
  2. Choose “Summary with large image” from the “Default card type to use” select field.

SEO Social “Pinterest” Tab: 

Pinterest uses Facebook Open Graph data, so just be sure that you’ve enabled the settings above for Facebook.  You can also add Pinterest verification information on this page, if you like.

SEO Social “Google+” Tab: 

Here you can choose to add additional Google+ meta data to your models pages, and provide an optional link to a Google+ publishers page, if that applies to your business.