WP3D Installation, Configuration & Training

So, you’ve decided to invest in WP3D Models to supercharge your Matterport scanning & photography services….awesome! We think you’ve made a great decision. But now what? You’re savvy (obviously) but you’d like to focus your time & energy on your core services, not web development. You’d like to get this new plugin up-and-running as fast as possible, and have an expert get you oriented.

If the above paragraph describes where you’re at, we hope you’ll consider adding this Installation, Configuration & Training package.

For just $99, we’ll take your recently purchased plugin, install it into your existing WordPress website (must be up-to-date) and double check that everything is functioning correctly. We’ll also generate a “gallery” page, add a few test¬†models, and then we’ll schedule a time for a 30 minute training & orientation phone call.

Armed with all this, you’ll be able to quickly add/organize your remaining models and get busy promoting your hard work!