Our WordPress Plugin for Matterport Models Is MLS-Compliant

Matterport’s user base includes many people who use Realtor® MLS. That’s why our WordPress plugin for Matterport models is fully MLS-compliant. Think about it. What better way to showcase your properties than with a 3D, virtual tour? Our WordPress plugin supports both unbranded and fullscreen views for your Matterport models.

MLS-Compliant Features of Our WordPress Matterport Models Plugin

  • Unbranded view option — One of MLS’s requirements is that virtual tours of your properties come with an option to view them unbranded. In other words, minus branding information like a logo, contact information, or links. Our plugin comes with an option to output your models plainly, with no branding at all.
  • Fullscreen view option — In order to be fully compliant, your WordPress Matterport model tours should also offer your MLS traffic the option to use fullscreen viewing. The plugin’s fullscreen option offers your visitors a more immersive, rich viewing experience.
  • Track MLS traffic back to your pages — Okay, this is not technically an MLS-compliant feature, but it is really cool. Using the WP3D models embed code, you can track all your MLS traffic back to your own website. This is a handy way to gauge the effectiveness of your MLS marketing efforts.

Where To Find Our Matterport WordPress Plugin’s MLS-Compliant Links

Both the unbranded and fullscreen view links are generated from the Edit Model screen, or from the public-facing model page. Both offer a WP3D Model Links tab. Below is a screenshot showing how to grab the links on a public-facing page:

Grab the unbranded and fullscreen links from the WP3D Model Links tab.

Grab the unbranded and fullscreen links from the WP3D Model Links tab.

MLS virtual tours are a great way to showcase your properties for sale, and our plugin quickly integrates your WordPress website with the MLS system. Easily offer your MLS traffic compliant, fullscreen or unbranded views of your Matterport models, plus direct MLS traffic to your own website instead of Matterport’s. That’s a recipe for happy customers and increased sales revenue.