Real Estate Photography

The time for online shopping, virtual meetings, and working from home has officially arrived.  “Virtual” and “online” venues have become more prevalent over the last several decades, but today the internet is arguably the dominant and leading source of information and communication in the world.  With advancing technologies, life seems to become more complicated, but there is still ease and simplicity due to technological advances that cannot be overlooked.

You can accomplish almost anything and everything from the comfort of your couch and personal computer.  Ordering groceries, buying (almost) anything, meeting with your doctor, attending academic courses, catching up with old acquaintances, and even family reunions can all be achieved online (although arguably they’re not nearly as much fun virtually!).  Researching to your heart’s content is literally at your fingertips with all the information available.

What is one of the biggest decisions you may have to research as a potential buyer? The answer is real estate. As a prospective buyer, your first action is typically not to jump in your car to tour the unknown property but to pull out your laptop and start your research to make sure it checks the right boxes first.  All of this takes place, again, from the comfort of your couch.  Why?  It saves you loads of time.

As a real estate agent or real estate photographer, you value your time as well. With the overwhelming task your prospective buyer faces of finding the right property, high-quality property websites can help them find the needle in the haystack.  That website can be achieved with WP3D Models technology and Matterport real estate video, along with stunning and high-quality photography.

What sells a property?


At the heart of professional and well organized real estate websites are, of course, beautiful real estate photos and 3D tours.  Real estate photography is photos created for Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  A realtor may choose to hire a professional photographer or shoot their own real estate photography for listings. Still, regardless of who is chosen to stand behind the lens, quality photography is essential.

Matterport technology allows realtors and real estate photographers to create seamless, vivid, and detailed 3D tours of homes and business properties.  WP3D Models enables the Matterport technology to be used on any real estate business website.  In essence, WP3D Models is a WordPress plugin that allows users to embed 3D models and virtual tours into a site.  The WP3D Models WordPress plugin, paired with Matterport technology, allows for ease, efficiency, and full creative ownership of a professional real estate website.  WP3D Models is the technology that savvy real estate agents are using.  The plugin allows for different property views: a standard view, a slimmed-down version, and a full view.  It also allows for notifications of the properties’ status as well as charts for property information.  All agent information can be listed on the website as well.  WP3D Models makes adding your real estate photography to your website an effortless process.

Why bother with real estate photography?

It is a known fact in the real estate world that listing photos help sell homes faster.  According to Zillow, 22-27 pictures is the ideal range of real estate photographs for a listing.  The first photo of that property is your client’s initial introduction to their potential home.  Each sequential photo or 3D image helps to make or break the property in your client’s mind.  The mental checklist of a home can be greatly satisfied with photos that tell a story by guiding the eye from one room to the next.

Professional real estate photography is a class of its own, as it requires know-how from a real estate photographer or a real estate agent who is well trained in the craft.  Use WP3D Models tool with professional photography to create visually calming and easy to navigate property listings.  A visually pleasing website with stunning photography is considered the gold standard for any real estate agent or real estate photographer.

What if I’m an agent and don’t want to hire a real estate photographer?

You’re a realtor interested in taking your own photos? Maybe photography services are beyond your budget for now. You need to become well versed in the details.  All details are important.  The lens, the setting, the lighting, the equipment, and the home preparation are all essential aspects in creating ideal real estate images.

An ideal real estate image is a simple yet lengthy equation.  Natural daylight with the sun behind the property and interior lights on equals a bright and cozy photo. Finding unique angles of the property requires prior research and several different photos of the same space.  Prepping a home using flowers and greenery can be helpful, but even more important is ridding the home of clutter.  Opening blinds, shutters, and curtains create more light and a more open feel.  Just as weighty of an ingredient as your home prep and timing is your camera and equipment.

Be mindful of your budget, when deciding on equipment.  First, find your camera.  The Matterport site offers tips for specific cameras.  Specifically, it has information on using iPhone cameras, high fidelity 3D cameras like Pro2, or spherical 360 cameras.  How about the lens?  Any pro real estate photographer will tell you that the lens that you use is also crucial. A lens that can be both reliable and sharp is important. The width, shifting ability, focal leverage, ability to realistically capture a room, and efficiency are essential elements for the pros when using the right lens. Next, decide if you really need that extra equipment or a camera that achieves unusually high shutter speed. Some pros are so happy with their lens of choice that they don’t need anything else.  Others recommend occasionally using a sturdy tripod to maintain an ideal camera height, a wireless flash, and a wireless camera control tool.  Finally, decide what editing software you will use.  Photo editing, along with your camera and wide angle lens, is a must-have.

Would I ever need to use a drone?  Real estate drone photography comes in handy when you are shooting large areas of land, commercial real estate, and certain residential real estate properties where you want to show off aerial photography.  Typically, a freelance drone photography pilot is hired to do this work. However, if you are interested in exploring this option as a real estate agent or real estate photographer, certain drones are better equipped for this type of photography.

Real estate agents who love the “do it yourself” approach, taking your own high-quality photography is an achievable goal with the right tools.  Once you have your stunning photos, whether you choose to take them yourself or with a real estate photographer, WP3D Models software is another essential tool that allows you to use your photos and 3D virtual tours to build and enhance your website.

Just Kidding . . . I do want to hire a real estate photographer

Are you intimidated by the equation of achieving a high-quality real estate photo, and you have accounted for real estate photography pricing?  No problem.  Whether or not the housing market in your area is hot, real estate photographers will always be in high demand.  A real estate photography business can work in conjunction with or without a real estate agent. Most real estate photographers will work alongside a realtor, though, as homeowners of higher-end homes typically want photos taken by professional real estate photographers.  This demand is ever-present.  There are certain benefits of hiring a pro.  It can be argued that homes that are sold with photos shot by a professional typically sell over market value and at a faster rate.  In addition, hiring a pro will save you and your seller time, make you both look top-notch, and allow the property you are selling to stand out from others.

As a real estate agent or real estate photographer, why should I include a virtual tour in my listing?

Whether or not you are an agent or a photographer, keep in mind the features of the property you are trying to highlight.  Every home or commercial property has its list of pros that a well-researched photoshoot can capture.  Also, be mindful that a virtual tour of the property can best capture those highlights.  Not only will sharp images sell a home, but a guided tour of a floor plan will enable the buyer to feel like they are actually in the space.  The benefits of virtual tours are many: they save realtors and buyers time and money, they drive more traffic to property websites, and virtual tours help property websites stand out from others.  Like a virtual tour, a 3D walkthrough video allows buyers to view a home virtually with or without furniture.  It’s an appealing option because it offers several different views for buyers.  WP3D Models works with Matterport technology by allowing you to create virtual tours for your website easily using your high-quality images.

Don’t forget about your website!

Creating quality photos is just the start of it.  Your website is the first impression the buyer will have of the property, and truthfully, of you as an agent.  WP3D Models technology allows you to create your website using your own photography, virtual tours, logos, privacy information, contact information, and anything else you want buyers to know about your business.  The winning combination of high-quality photography and virtual tours, along with a professional website, is one that you can’t beat.

As a realtor or professional real estate photographer, are you ready to save yourself time and money? Would you like to provide a professional and seamless website experience for your prospective buyer? Do you value quality images and video? Don’t hesitate to allow WP3D Models to enable you to have a seamless experience creating your ideal real estate website.