WP3D Models integration with Mapbox

WP3D Models Version 3.8 – 🌍 Exciting News for WP3D Models Users! 🗺️

We’re thrilled to announce an upcoming version of WP3D models that will integrate seamlessly with Mapbox, a powerful mapping tool. As part of this update, you’ll have the flexibility to choose between Google Maps and Mapbox as your preferred provider for your mapping needs.
But that’s not all! With this integration, you’ll still enjoy all the features and functionalities you’ve come to love with the current Google Maps API in your global settings. This means you can set default map types, zoom levels, and more, just like before.

The best part? We understand that the rising costs of Google Maps API can be a concern for many. Mapbox serves as a fantastic alternative, offering not only the same robust capabilities but also providing a cost-effective solution for our valued customers. With Mapbox, you can start for free and won’t be charged until your usage exceeds the free tier, which includes up to 25,000 mobile users and 50,000 web loads. It’s a win-win!

Stay tuned for the upcoming release, where you’ll have the power to choose the mapping provider that suits your needs while keeping costs in check. We can’t wait for you to experience the enhanced mapping features with WP3D and Mapbox. Get ready for a more flexible and cost-efficient mapping solution! 🗺️✨ #MappingSolutions #WP3D #MapboxIntegration