WP3D Models Plugin Was Built With Customization in Mind

When we built the WP3D Models plugin, we knew some of our users would need to massively customized the “look and feel” of the plugin’s output. That’s why we’ve provided a customizable HTML page template, plus a custom-ready CSS template. This means you can change the plugin to fit any website type, style, or layout with a design that’s all your own. The WP3D Models plugin really was built with customization in mind.

Although the default style looks great on almost any website (at least we think so!), we want you to have as much control over the plugin’s style as possible. With this in mind, the WP3D plugin’s customization options include the following:

  • We’ve included a design template called “single-model.php” to be used as a starting point for your custom design. You can find the template at /wp-content/plugins/wp3d-models/templates/single-model.php.
  • A CSS template is also provided. The WP3D Models plugin’s default CSS can be disabled in favor of your own CSS styling code.
  • The plugin is internationalized. Please contact us if you’d like to use the plugin in your native language.

With our users customization needs in mind, the WP3D Models plugin was built so you — or your development team — can truly make it an integral, seamless part of your website. No matter what type of website you have, it can be custom-tailored for a perfect fit.