WP3D Models – Version 3.1 – Bugfixes & More!

It’s been a month since we released v.3.0 and since then we’ve uncovered a few things that needed a bit of attention.  There’s also been a handful of new parameters released by Matterport for new language support (Chinese) as well as some further customization options related to VR, Mattertags and the Dollhouse visibility.  We’ve added full support for these new options in this latest version.

So, while this isn’t our MOST exciting release, there’s are a number of little bugs that have been squashed and minor polishes applied. Enjoy!

Here’s the full “changelog” of additions, changes, tweaks and polishes in v.3.1:

  • NEW : Showcase Language Parameter
    WP3D now supports new Matterport Showcase language support for Chinese.
  • NEW : Reworked Skinned CSS
    Better presentation method for “Skinned” tour content box. Promotes scrolling to additional content.
  • NEW : Dollhouse Parameter
    A new toggle option is now available to hide the dollhouse “fly-in” and dollhouse Showcase icon.
  • NEW : Mattertag Parameter
    A new toggle option is now available to hide Showcase Mattertags.
  • NEW : VR Limited Mode Parameter
    A new toggle option is now available that will open a Space in a limited mode in the Matterport VR app.
  • NEW : Updated ACF Add-Ons
    In preparation for the forthcoming ACF5 release, we’re pre-pushing out new versions of bundled ACF Add-Ons.
  • FIX : iOS & iPad-specific bugfixes. Reversing out a hack/fix for a previous display issue.
  • FIX : CSS Cleanup on the Fullscreen view, removing some “focus” styling.
  • FIX : Bugfix related to the Form Conditional logic.
  • FIX : Bugfix related to the Fullscreen Highlight reel logo placement.