WP3D Models – Version 3.5 – Background Music & Bugs

Version 3.5 shipped in early May and addressed a few bugs that popped up from WordPress v.5.4 as well as a bug introduced by Yoast SEO v.14.x.  On the “new” front, we’ve introduced the ability to tie into MPEmbed’s “bgmusic” parameter with content (mp3s/etc) that you can upload using the easy & familiar WP3D interface.  Additionally, “premium” MPEmbed customers can now easily connect those models to WP3D content.

The Full List

Here’s the full changelog list.

  • NEW : MPEmbed Premium Support
    This one has been requested by a number of WP3D users, as well as Chris Hickman himself. Done!
  • NEW : MPEmbed Music Support
    This one has also been requested by a number of WP3D users, as well as Chris Hickman himself. Also done!
  • NEW : Matterport Parameters
    Matterport added some new ‘pin’ and ‘portal’ parameters, this version adds support for these (arguably fringe) parameters.
  • FIX : Yoast SEO 14.x support
    Yoast SEO 14.x made some larger changes that caused errors for some WP3D installations. This fixes things up.
  • FIX : Admin Bar Embed Codes
    WordPress version 3.4 introduced a change that prevented our embed code popup from working. Tis fixed!
  • FIX : Skinned View Form Checkbox
    CSS Formatting fix for IE/EDGE browsers, on the contact form “consent” checkbox presentation.
  • FIX : MPEmbed “Wildcard” Parameter
    Previously, only one “wildcard” parameter could be used, now you can enter multiple.
  • FIX : Google+ Be Gone
    This was overdue…sorry. References to sharing via the (defunct) Google+ platform are now removed.
  • FIX : WP3D Options Formatting
    Some styling cleanups have been added/made to the WP3D Settings & Edit screens.