WP3D Models – Version 3.7.9 – Gallery View with Property Details, Fixes & Bugs

WP3D Models Version 3.7.8 – We’ve implemented several updates and fixes to improve the user experience and functionality of our system. These include a new feature that allows convenient viewing of uploaded images on the model edit page, displaying property information on the gallery page, and addressing compatibility issues with PHP 8.1. We’ve enhanced the inclusion of the jQuery script, and resolved bugs related to deep links, popups, embedded script, and scroll functionality. We’ve incorporated lazyload plugin, removed the background on social icons, fixed model sorting issues, and corrected tooltips on the media tab.

The Full List

Here’s the full changelog list.

  • NEW: Show all uploaded images
    Add ability to see all uploaded images in the model edit page
  • NEW: Property info in the gallery
    Show property info on the gallery page
  • Fix : Deprecated functions
    Update plugin to work with php 8.1
  • Fix : jQuery
    Add jQuery script if it’s missing from header
  • Fix : Deep links
    Deep links support was outdated
  • Fix : Popups
    Fix popups on question marks
  • Fix : Embedded script
    Fix bug with embedded script
  • Fix : Scroll
    Fix bug with scroll on skinned view
  • New : Lazy load
    Add support of lazy load plugin in the skinned view
  • Fix : Social icons
    Removed background on social icons
  • Fix : Model sorting
    Fixed issue with models sorting
  • Fix : Tooltips
    Media tab on the model page had wrong tooltips