Custom Facebook Title

When it comes to Facebook, the title that is shared will exactly match what you’ve entered for your Model, plus (likely) the name of site.

Here’s a screenshot:

Default WP3D Models Social Share Title

Notice that “WP3D Models – WordPress Plugin” is part of the title that is shared.  Thankfully, this is easy to customize if you (or your client) would like to change the specific text that is shared here.

To continue, you’ll need to be sure you’re running the (highly recommended) Yoast SEO plugin that is linked to WP3D Models when you first installed and activated.  If you aren’t running this plugin, be sure to stop what you’re doing and get that installed.

Scroll down to the bottom of your Model Edit screen and look for the Yoast SEO section that matches the following screenshot:

Change your WP3D Models Social Sharing Title

After providing a custom Facebook Title, the last step is to then be sure to “Update” your Model.

NOW, even though you’ve properly updated this content, it is likely that Facebook will need to instructed to go and “Re-scrape” your page for the updated information.  Please see our separate documentation on this topic of clearing out Facebook’s cache.