Enable Social Overlay Images

Dynamic Social Overlay Images were released in v.2.1.3 of WP3D Models and allow for any model to have a separate, social-only, image created.  When coupled with the (required) Yoast SEO plugin, this image is auto-assigned in your Model source code and will be picked up by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other network that support Open Graph image tags.

Enabling this new functionality is easy….just head over to your Models –> Settings –> Social Tab and check the box.

Here’s a screenshot:


Once this is done, all NEW Models will have these Social Images created by default.

If you want to create this image for an EXISTING Model, you’ll just need to be sure the checkbox is checked on your Model “Edit” screen and then “Update”.

FACEBOOK NOTE: If you’re updating an EXISTING Model and you’ve already shared that model on Facebook, you’ll need to request that Facebook Re-“Scrape” your page to discover the new image.  This process is easy, and is documented here.  Additionally, we’ve added a custom link straight into the “Facebook Debugger” tool, available from your “WP3D Models Tools” menu on every Model “Edit” screen.

Here’s a screenshot on where to look for this new Edit Screen checkbox: