Model “filter” Attribute

The “filter” attribute can be added to any of your WP3D shortcodes to customize the way in which your models are listed.

The “filter” attribute should be set to either “true” or “false” to determine whether or not your list model “types” should be shown as a clickable list of filter links above your model thumbnails (or below the map).

Don’t show the filters: (DEFAULT)

[wp3d-models filter="false"]

No filters will be shown if the “filter” attribute is left blank, if it doesn’t exist, or if it is set to “false”.

Show the filters:

[wp3d-models filter="true"]

A list of your filters will be displayed above your thumbnails (or below your map) if this attribute is set to “true”.

Filters links will not be shown in any case where specific “type” or “client” shortcode has been set.