Responsive Model Embed Code

Unlike a stock <iframe> embed (which we also offer), the custom WP3D model “JS” embed gives you the following features:

  1. Responsive Embedding
    You provide your simple code to a client and the embedded model will look great on their responsive/mobile-friendly site, just like it does on yours.  It’ll look great on a non-responsive site too.
  2. Embed Tracking & Analytics
    Assuming you’ve already got analytics running on your site, you’ll be able to track views of your models that are embedded elsewhere around the web*.  Take these numbers and report the good news back to your clients.
  3. Short, Sweet & Supported
    Our generated embed code doesn’t include messy CSS hacks, nor HTML tags that can sometimes be replaced/trimmed by various CMS platforms. One simple line of code and you (or your client) should be off to the races.
  4. Branded (Standard) as well as Unbranded Options
    Depending on your audience, you may want the option to select between the branded or unbranded versions.

* “Embedded” Analytics works with our stock <iframe> code too.

Here’s a screenshot of what this looks like: