The Samsung 360 Camera: Virtual Reality in Your Hands

The Samsung Gear 360 is a 360 degree camera that fits into your hand. It is cost-effective and easy to use. The video and image quality allows you to capture professional-looking footage. You can use the Gear 360 on its own or connect it to a Samsung or iPhone device to make use of additional features.

Specifications of the Samsung 360 Camera

The Samsung Gear 360 camera has a small sphere on top of a short handle. The sphere holds two fisheye lenses while the handle holds the battery. This is also where you hold the camera or where you can attach it to a tripod.

The battery lasts for about 90 minutes shooting 4k videos and up to two hours shooting 2k videos. Wireless transfer of files will affect the battery life of the device. A USB-C port can charge the battery. Syncing can also be done through this port.

The camera is 3.9 inches tall, 1.8 wide, and weighs only 4.6 ounces. It comes with a unique rubberized ring that keeps the camera in place without using a tripod. The Samsung Gear 360 also has a tripod socket to easily mount the camera on a tripod. This is especially handy when you want to make use of the remote shooting feature.

The IP53 rating of the Samsung Gear means that it can tolerate some moisture (like light rain) but is not waterproof. The Gear 360 will likely not be ok if you drop it in a pool or the ocean.

Image and Video Quality of the Samsung Gear 360

The Samsung Gear 360 can shoot 4,096 by 2,048 video, but this is limited to a rate of 24 frames per second. Lower resolution footage can go up to 120 frames per second.

The two image sensors capture 8.4 megapixels each, which combine to produce 15-megapixel, 360 degree pictures. The two camera lenses of the Gear 360 are close together, which reduces the possibility of stitching issues. This is especially important if you are planning on capturing footage to create a virtual tour of a property or space. Flat 16:9 footage at 1080p can be captured using either of the two lenses. 30 or 60 frames per second can be captured at 1080p, and 30 fps can be captured at 720p. 24fps is not available when you use the single lens capture feature.

Software Requirements and Device Compatibility of the Samsung Gear 360

The 2017 edition of the Samsung Gear 360 is compatible with Samsung android devices, iOS, and macOS devices. However, you don’t need to use the camera with a smartphone. The Gear 360 has a small and simple monochromatic LCD screen that can access basic features like the menu, recording options. You can use the power button to power the device and move back through the different functions. The onboard controls allow you to start and stop your recordings and move between video and image mode.

Live streaming can only happen with a Samsung phone running Nougat OS or a desktop running the Gear 360 app while connected to the Gear 360 via USB. You can live stream to Facebook or YouTube. You can also view your VR content directly on a Gear VR headset (or other VR headset) for a virtual reality experience of your footage. Earlier versions of Android and iPhones or other iOS devices are not compatible with this feature.

Pairing the Gear 360 with a smartphone via the Samsung Gear 360 app or Gear 360 manager app (for iOS) provides more features like exposure and white balance. It also has a live broadcast feature.

How to Use the Samsung Gear 360

To be able to record either video or still images, you need to insert a microSD card into the Gear 360. The SD card should be fast enough to process the data as you record. Lower video resolutions could get away with slower memory cards.

Once the memory card is inserted, you can turn on the Gear 360 by pressing and holding the power button.

You need to install the Samsung Gear 360 (and Gear 360 for iOS) app from the Play Store or App Store. To pair your phone with the Gear 360, press and hold the ‘menu’ key on the camera. A confirmation screen will appear; click ‘Ok.’

Launch the Samsung Gear 360 app on your mobile device (on iOS devices, this will be the Gear 360 app). Tap on ‘CONNECT TO GEAR 360’. Then follow the on-screen instructions to finish connecting your smartphone to the camera. Once the camera is connected to your phone, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi icons will show on the camera’s screen.

Use the menu button on the camera to move through the options. Repeatedly pressing the menu key will take you through the different shooting options and settings. Pressing ‘ok’ selects an item, and you can go back by pressing the ‘power’ button.

Images and videos can be captured via the ‘Mode’ feature in the ‘camera’ menu on the Samsung Gear 360 (Gear 360) app. When using the Gear 360 without a phone, press the ‘menu’ key to select the shooting mode and press ‘Ok.’ Then use the ‘Ok’ key to start and stop a recording or to capture an image.

You can select the camera settings by tapping on ‘camera’ in the Samsung Gear 360 (or Gear 360 for iOS). Here you can choose between Dual (using both cameras simultaneously for 360 degree videos and photos), Front, or Rear. You can do this directly on the Gear 360 by going into the ‘Settings’ section and the ‘Switch lens’ feature.

Once you have captured your footage, you can edit and share it. It is recommended that you use the desktop app to edit larger images, videos, or footage with higher resolutions.

How the Samsung 360 Can Help Real Estate Professionals

The Samsung Gear 360 is lightweight and relatively inexpensive compared to other 360 degree cameras. You can create virtual tours by uploading footage captured with the Samsung Gear 360 to virtual tour creation software. This will allow real estate agents to efficiently create virtual tours to showcase their properties.

Properties that have virtual tours sell quicker and often at a higher price. In some cases, these properties sell without the buyer doing an in-person viewing of the space.

The Gear 360’s compact and lightweight design makes it convenient for real estate agents to capture videos and images and create a virtual tour of a property without the need to hire a professional. That means the tours can be captured, processed, and shared faster and at a lower cost. The remote shooting feature allows you to capture a space without needing to be in the room. That means you can capture images of empty spaces without being in the shot.

The Samsung Gear 360’s 4k camera captures high-quality images and videos. When pairing it with a Samsung phone or iPhone, you can access added features and upload footage to virtual tour creating software. This allows anyone to capture and create professional-looking virtual tours and use them to showcase a space. Learn more and try our WP3D Plugin to get started with 3D cameras today.