WP3D Models – Version 3.0 – Model Base Types

It is the end of summer and the crew here has been very busy working (okay, some playing) to button-up this latest iteration of WP3D Models.  We’re very pleased to release version 3.0, packed with a number of new features and lots of polishes.

Model Base Types

The primary addition, and the main reason for bumping the version up to 3.0, is something we’re calling “Model Base Types”. Rewind to a couple of versions ago and you may recall the addition of a “Static Image” as the “Header” for a Model.  This change made it possible for content to be assembled around a simple/static image, vs always requiring a Matterport tour.  Fast forward to today where we’ve entirely rebuilt how Models are constructed & introduced several new options for the “Base”.  After significant restructuring, we’re very pleased to finally share these new options.

So, to recap:
WP3D Models can now be used with nearly any kind of interactive content embed.


As always, we continue to look for any opportunity to deepen our Matterport integration and now offer full support for all new URL parameters, as well as new values for those parameters that already exist.  We’ve added support for additional languages (German & Russian) as well as deep-link Matterport URLs, allowing Models the ability to “start” at any specific point in the Space.  We’ve even added a new option to allow the “Skinned” view to autostart Matterport content when following a social share link.

WP3D Models Training

Many of you have shared that, while you’re pleased with the tools that WP3D Models provides, you’d like to learn more and see examples of to get the most out of WP3D Models. We listened and have now released our first two training videos….with much more to come. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to make sure you’re notified when new content is added. Oh, and please let us know if there are any specific topics you suggest we cover!

Training Playlist

The Full List

Here’s the full “changelog” of additions, changes, tweaks and polishes in v.3.0:

  • NEW : Base Model Content
    A top requested feature for some time. Models can now be created around Matterport, 360 Panoramas, Video & more. WP3D is now your all-in-one online tour creation tool!
  • NEW : Shortcode parameter “viewlink”
    Display the Fullscreen view in a modal (popup) window, or a new window/tab. Great for simple portfolio pages!
  • NEW : Skinned Logo Link
    The “Skinned” view was designed to be hyper-focused on a single property with no external links. But, we understand wanting to at least link back to your (or your client’s) site/domain.
  • NEW : Custom Status
    For a while now WP3D has offered “Sold” and “Sale Pending” Model status options. We’ve now added a new “Custom” option to fill the gap of whatever status you and/or your clients need.
  • NEW : Affiliate Link Filter
    So, you want to swap in your very own WP3D Models affiliate link to the “Powered by WP3D Models” link? Now you can. Also, thanks for the support!
  • NEW : RTL Support
    Right-To-Left! Basic support has been added for RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian/Farsi, Kurdish, Urdu, Dhivehi/Maldivian, Azeri & Aramaic.
  • NEW : New Languages
    Following on the heels of Matterport’s recent addition of German & Russian language translations, we’ve also added full support within WP3D Models.
  • NEW : Form Event Tracking
    New analytics event tracking code has been added to the Skinned view and can help in comparing page views with actual form “submits”.
  • NEW : Agent Email BCC
    Do you, or your client, have an additional someone that should be included in correspondence from the “Skinned” view Contact Form? A new BCC field was added for just this reason!
  • NEW : oEmbed whitelist
    WordPress offers native oEmbed support, but only for a specific set of (very large) brands. Now, via WP3D Models, we’ve whitelisted oEmbed support for “Matterport” and “ThreeSixty Tours” content.
  • NEW : Social Share Autostart
    New Global option to enable “autoplaying” a Matterport tour when a link is followed from a social share. (Or, manually adding “#start” to the end of the “/skinned” URL.
  • NEW : Matterport Deeplinks
    A few of you REALLY wanted to be able to use a Matterport “deep link” URL to start a tour at a very specific point. We’ve got this all glued in now and it’s a fantastic addition. Thx guys.
  • NEW : Listing ID
    A new “Listing ID” field has been added to the “Admin” tab. This field doesn’t add any front end value to WP3D Models, but can be leveraged for custom content syndication solutions.
  • NEW : Hide Highlight Reel
    While not entirely “New”, the ability to force hide the Highlight Reel, with 360s photos included, is now possible.
  • NEW : Tour Call to Action
    Select between several different options for what happens after an autoplaying tour completes.
  • NEW : Play Button Filter
    Using a newly added WordPress filter, you can now globally change out the WP3D “play” button with a custom icon (URL) or another FontAwesome icon.
  • NEW : Webfont Filter
    Also using a new WordPress filter, you can now globally customize the webfont(s) that are used by WP3D.
  • NEW : Skinned IDs & Hooks
    Skinned views can now be further customized using additional element ids & WordPress Hooks.
  • NEW : Property Tab Content
    New Global Settings allow for enabling the WYSIWYG “Media” Button as well as increasing the total number of Property Tabs per Model.
  • NEW : Agent Yelp Icon
    We already test for a number of different Agent “Social” brand URLs, and we’ve just added Yelp into the mix.
  • NEW : Model Pixel Codes
    For your clients that need per-Model custom Facebook pixel codes, we’ve added support for tracking this information.
  • NEW : “WP3D Models Tools” Location
    By default the “WP3D Models Tools” menu lives in the “Admin Bar” atop the Model Edit screen. This can now be moved to the side.
  • BETA : FS Keyboard Nav Framework
    While there’s no official functionality being released, we’ve started the process of building to make alternate content & keyboard-accessible fullscreen views possible.  If you have a need for more accessible Models, please reach out to us for more information.
  • FIX : There’s a lot of you guys running the Avada Theme! Given this volume, we’ve added a couple/few CSS rules that add a bit of polish to the “Standard” view.
  • FIX : Our Standard Gallery seemed to have an issue with captions displaying incorrectly. This his now all buffed out.
  • FIX : Dear Apple, whatever you did that busted up the autoplaying Matterport display on iPads has now been fixed. Where should we send our invoice? 🙁
  • FIX : Under certain circumstances, some contact forms were not sending correctly if reCAPTCHA wasn’t enabled. Fixed.
  • FIX : We found that if custom colors weren’t set in the global options, then some override corners weren’t showing! Ooops. Fixed.
  • FIX : VR was disabled on “Nobrand” but not always on “Fullscreen Nobrand”. Fixed!
  • FIX : Dang, we forgot to add in a translation filter for the reCAPTCHA error text. All patched up.