WP3D Models – Version 3.2 – MPEmbed & More!

Who’s ready for a healthy serving of WP3D update news, as well as a brand new version to install?  It took a little longer than usual and we’re pleased to have this next version out the door!  With an ever-growing and diversified user base, each new release has more & more details to consider than each one prior.

Without further ado, here’s what’s new in 3.2:
(See what we did there…with the rhyming?)

Full MPEmbed Support

In case you’re a Matterport Service Provider who’s also been living under a rock, you’ve definitely heard of MPEmbed.  If not, go read up a bit on this sophisticated tool built using the Matterport 3D Showcase SDK.  It expands upon what is currently offered in the Matterport Showcase by introducing a number of new parameters that can be used to alter the content available and a viewer’s experience.  These new MPEmbed parameters supplement (& simultaneously respect) existing Matterport parameters. An integration with WP3D Models was not only the top “feature request” from the past few months, but was also a no-brainer from our perspective.  You’ll find that many of the features offered by (stock) MPEmbed require additional external content (logos, images) or integrations (Google Analytics UA code, etc) where that content already exists within WP3D Models.   We combed through each/every new option offered by MPEmbed to see how our existing tools could be “glued” in, and then we created UI (toggles/checkboxes/logic) for everything.  We’re super proud of how this all came together and excited to see how you all leverage this (giant new) toolbox for your Matterport content.

Note: MPEmbed is developed and maintained by the very talented Chris Hickman (@Metroplex360). WP3D Models offers support for the integration aspect of our tools with those of MPEmbed, but support for MPEmbed’s specific features is offered directly via MPEmbed

Model Client Content**

There are a number of you out there that we would describe as WP3D’s “Power Users” and these new options are likely to be music to your ears.  Power user or not, many (most?) scanning & photography professionals work with the same group of clients over and over.  You are their “go to” guy/gal for property scanning/photography/property marketing/etc.  For these regular clients, you currently have to upload that client’s “Override Logo” for each new Model you create.  Now, with version 3.2 you’re able to assign those logos (large & small) as well as the new logo URL at the “Model Client” level.  Going forward, all associated Models will automatically be assigned the same logos and logo link!  Even better, if you ever have to update this content…you’ll only need to make that change in one place.

** Model Client Content Caveat – ACF Update Required:
Since the beginning, WP3D Models has required the use of on a separate plugin called “Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)”.  At the time of this writing, ACF’s latest free version is 4.4.12 and running this 4.x version is not compatible with the new “Model Client Content” features noted above.  This feature is only available to ACF version 5.x (and above).

Thankfully, updating to ACF5 early is relatively easy if you follow our ACF5 & Add-ons Upgrade documentation closely!  Or, you can elect to wait a few months until ACF “officially” publicly releases this new version. WP3D 3.2 will work fine, regardless of what version (4.x or 5.x) you’re using.

Client Message Template***

Do you find yourself doing a lot of copying/pasting/emailing to get the various WP3D link/embeds into your client’s hands?  We’ve implemented a new feature that will create a single place to grab all of that content. This is especially useful as a starting point for the “deliverable” email you likely assemble and send to each client after a scan is complete.

*** This option only exists if your global “WP3D Models Tools” menu setting is set to “Side”.
Starting a couple versions ago, you can elect to have your “WP3D Models Tools” appear in the standard “Admin Bar” or moved to the Admin “Side” for better compatibility with users running some versions of Jetpack and/or hosted with WordPress.COM.  This setting is found under: Models  –> Settings –> General (Tab).

One of our longtime customers, Scott Smith, originally approached us (over 2 years ago) with an idea similar to this.  Since then, several more of you have submitted related requests, enough that we decided to bring a version of this idea to life. The moral is, we love customer products suggestions and we’re always listening. Please let us know what you’d like to see added to WP3D so we can up the internal “votes” that help us determine feature priorities.

The Full List

When we have a larger release like this one, its tricky to articulate each/every new feature.

  • NEW : Full MPEmbed Support
    You asked for it! WP3D now offers full UI support for MPEmbed. This free service leverages the Matterport 3D Showcase SDK and allows for great customization of previously “uncustomizable” Matterport Showcase elements & actions.
  • NEW : Model Client Logos**
    New “Model Client” logos (large & small) fields make it possible to set global (override) logos for clients, applying to any Model where that client is selected.
  • NEW : Model Client URL**
    A new “Model Client” URL field makes it possible to set a global (override) URL for a client, applying to any Model where that client is selected.
  • NEW : Client Email Content
    A new “WP3D Models Tools” menu option (side menu only) provides a way to easily copy all generated Model links and embed codes (to be forwarded on to a client).
  • NEW : “Skinned” Autostart Timing
    We’ve expanded on the WP3D “skinned start” value with the addition of a millisecond timing “delay” value of “#delay-2000” (where “2000” can be any number of milliseconds). Example: https://demo.wp3dmodels.com/3d-model/521-colorado/skinned/#delay-3000
  • NEW : “Skinned” Autostart Link
    This relatively unknown URL-based feature (which allows for autostarting the “skinned” view) is now part of the “WP3D Models Tools” menu.
  • NEW : WP3D “offset” Parameter
    A new WP3D shortcode parameter of “offset” allows for the creation of new galleries/showcases that don’t show the first “x” (offset) number of Models.  See our specific documentation on the “offset” parameter.
  • NEW : Matterport Chinese CDN URL
    Chinese CDN URLs are now used when a Matterport Chinese URL is entered, or “Chinese” is selected as the language.
  • NEW : Matterport Chinese CDN URL
    Chinese CDN URLs are now used when a Matterport Chinese URL is entered, or “Chinese” is selected as the language.
  • NEW : Override URL
    In addition to offering “skinned” view “Override Logos” we now offer an “Override URL” to change where branding logos link to.
  • NEW : GDPR Form Consent
    To better support GDPR, we’ve added a new global setting (“General” Tab) that enables a “capture content” checkbox on all “skinned” forms.
  • NEW : WebVR Attribute
    To better support WebVR content, the – allow=”vr” – attribute has been added to all WP3D Models-generated iframes.
  • NEW : Updated ACF Add-Ons (v.2.1)
    In preparation for the forthcoming ACF5 release, we’re pre-pushing out new versions of bundled ACF Add-Ons. Existing users of WP3D Models will eventually need to update to these new versions. Please read our documentation, the process is easy.
  • NEW : Japanese Language
    Japanese language parameter added.
  • NEW : Additional body classes
    New body classes have been added to WP3D views to assist in better targeting/customizing page elements (including “Model Type” and “Model Client” classes).
  • ENHANCEMENT: Admin Speed Increase We’re piggybacking here on forthcoming enhancements to ACF (required plugin) v.5.
  • FIX : “Skinned” view CSS adjustment to assist in a slightly better presentation when a Model is using a “masking” URL (not recommended).
  • FIX : “Skinned” view map size is adjusted to look better on portrait-oriented iPads.
  • FIX : Added better compatibility with default WP login/register pages.
  • FIX : “For Sale” & “Pending” label logic fix.
  • FIX : CSS/Style Cleanup on the “WP3D Models Tools” Side (Tabbed) Menu.
  • FIX : Adjusted default tour text to be “Start Tour” vs “Start 3D Tour” since not all added content is definitively 3D (Matterport).
  • FIX : Misc PHP “Warnings” cleaned up and removed.
  • ** These features require version ACF version 5.x in order to work. This new version of ACF will be released soon, or you can elect to (backup your site) and manually update your version of ACF now.