Easy Matterport Tours for WordPress

Save Time and Display Visually Stunning Property Pages With Virtual Tours That Will Impress Your Clients

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Alan - customerAlan Lillington
5 stars

“After a month or two and many hundreds of pounds wasted, I was recommended to WP3D models and what a relief, Ross’s knowledge and customer support is outstanding and the plugin is an amazing tool you will not regret purchasing.”

Victoria - customerVictoria Fisher Jones
5 stars

“Excellent product that makes the Matterport models stand out above the rest. Ross helped us solve a couple of different problems setting up our plugin which was so invaluable. Superb customer service – would highly recommend!”

Francisco - customerFrancisco Toledo
5 stars

“WP3D Models was a game changer in our 3D scanning business. Being able to manage hundreds of models in our website in a very simple and beautiful manner helped us to achieve a very professional level of service. Deserves nothing but a 5 star review!”


WP3D Models is a plugin for WordPress built specifically for the Matterport community. It serves as a content management and marketing engine that empowers anyone to leverage the power Matterport’s groundbreaking technology and sell properties.

One Property or Hundreds

Quickly create single property websites/landing pages or an easily navigable library of properties for you or your clients. All for one simple
price of $299.

Single Property Page

Matterport Integration

Full Showcase 2.0 Support.

Property Info

Customize how a property is described with optional list & tab elements.


Include easy-to-save 2D floorplan images.

Lead Generation Form

Simple form sends message to all attached ‘Agents’ or associated email address.

Twitter, Pinterest & Google+

Included social media sharing options.

Facebook Integration

Turnkey solution for beautiful Facebook Posts.

Developer Friendly

Single templates & “skin” can be used as the basis for a 100% custom design.

Custom “Intro” Branding

Brand models with your own or your client’s logo.

Video Support

Responsive video embed support for YouTube and Vimeo video URLs.


Include Google Maps

Photo Gallery

Upload a gallery of separate photos, or build a gallery from Matterport snapshots.

Agent Data

Separated “Agent” data for regular clients and simple site-wide updates.

100% Responsive

Model presentation shines on mobile devices.

Unlimited Single Property Pages

Create as many custom model listing pages as you like.

Brandable and Customizable

Own your Matterport Models by customizing everything from the logo and colors to a custom vanity domain for a single property page.

Ready in Minutes

Get your models out there in a matter of minutes with WP3D Model’s intuitive setup process. In three quick steps, you’re up and running. But you’re free to take as much time as you want with all the customization options.

Core Features

At its core, WP3D Models is a content management tool and marketing engine that was build specifically for the Matterport community. It allows you, the Matterport professional or savvy agent to leverage the power of Matterport’s groundbreaking technology and drive traffic & SEO value to a website that you own.

Seamless Matterport Integration

Easily integrate your Matterport Showcase spaces and all their existing data into your site.

Image and Video Embeds

Plug in supplemental images and videos right into the model to complement the 3D tour.


Rich Agent Data

Provide and easily update all relevant agent data that displays anywhere your model is shown (yes, even in embeds).

Lead Generation

Capture leads with a baked-in form for each of your models that is automatically sent to the associated agent’s email.

MLS Compliant

Boost SEO and viewability with MLS compliant unbranded and fullscreen views that link back to your site.

Easy to Find & Share

In addition to MLS compliant options, WP3D improves the SEO value of your Matterport properties.

We Have Your Back

WP3D Models provides personal support for WordPress wizzes and rookies alike. If you need, we’ll walk you through the setup process and make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running.

“I run a digital marketing agency and WP3D delivers some of the very best customer support I have ever received from a SAAS company. Plus, the plugin works awesome and has a ton of features. Every MSP should be using it. 6 Stars!”


– Barry Chretien

Above and Beyond!!!
I had updated my WordPress theme and this had caused some coding to display at the top of my tour. I contacted support asking for help and in a matter of minutes Ross sent me an email and within minutes of that my problem was solved!!! I can’t say enough about how awesome they are!!! And may I add – I just LOVE their product!!!! – Chris Crummitt

I went to follow up with an agent a couple weeks ago. I go inside to drop off my new card and found she was no longer at that branch. The new agent puts me on the spot and asks for a quick presentation. As I was not prepared, I stumbled through pointing him to my website and trying to explain MP without my normal tools in hand. I could feel I was losing him, so I asked him to browse to my simple URL example page. He was blown away. He said “Well your presentation could use some help, but your product sold me”. Thanks Ross and WP3D for saving my ass and for the new client. – Aaron Lilley

Excellent customer service and product! I recommend WP3D to everyone I can. I am not the most tech savvy human and I have been able to create some fantastic single site pages and display my tours in a professional manner. Recently I had an embarrassingly easy question that I could not figure out and Ross pointed me in the right direction without any guff. Thank You! – Rhonda Cyr

Now I know why everybody’s saying that “WP3D” is a MUST HAVE! At first I was a bit intimidated as I’m not a coder/programmer, but then when started using it, it has been a blast and I only regret I didn’t start using it since the very first day! The fast, friendly and proficient support provided by WP3D makes this tool just perfect! Highly recommended! – Luca De Alberti