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WP3D Models – Version 2.1

What started out as a lightweight "bug fix" release suddenly took wings and grew into a much larger update.  While this new update is long overdue, we're really proud of the new features/fixes that are now included. Before we jump into what's new/changed in 2.1, we...

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WP3D Models Version 2.0 – Available Now

Today, after several months of thinking and gathering ideas, and several more months of programming and troubleshooting, we're releasing WP3D Models v2.0. In this major release, we focused our efforts on providing you, the Matterport Pro, with dozens of new ways to...

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Matterport Gallery – powered by WP3D Models

Here at WP3D Models, we're excited to announce that Matterport chose to use WP3D Models for their recently unveiled "Spaces Gallery". We love how this all came together and the customizations that were made. Feeling pretty honored to be involved in this very cool...

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Understanding the Model Type and Client Attributes

Another way you can create custom landing pages for your models is to group them by model type and client. Think of them as categories that give you more flexibility in how you display models on certain pages. Let's take a look at the model type and client attributes...

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WP3D Models Plugin Was Built With Customization in Mind

When we built the WP3D Models plugin, we knew some of our users would need to massively customized the "look and feel" of the plugin's output. That's why we've provided a customizable HTML page template, plus a custom-ready CSS template. This means you can change the...

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